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Butterfly and Nature Gift Store The LARGEST selection of Butterfly Gifts on the Internet! We offer butterfly and nature themed gifts and merchandise including butterfly art, gifts, jewelry, pictures, kits, houses and more.
Buy live Ants for Ant Farm We Carry LIVE Ant Farm Ants! Order LIVE Western Harvester Ants with any of 8 Ant Farms for Kids, like the Giant Ant Farm by Uncle Milton. 8 Ant Farms for Sale including Gel Ant Farms!
Butterfly Houses Slots in our lovely Butterfly Houses keep birds out while giving butterflies protection from the wind and weather. Place the butterfly house in your garden, and when it gets cool at night the butterflies seek shelter and may use your house. Each hanging Butterfly House is individually hand-painted and has a door for cleaning and for placing long twigs inside to give butterflies a nice resting spot.
Live Butterfly Rearing Kits Raise live butterflies from caterpillars for a fun WINTER project. Caterpillars are shipped all year and then adult butterflies are kept inside during cold months.
Moving Butterfly Figurines Life-like electronic moving butterflies! Wow! Graceful, realistic moving butterflies make memorable gifts for special "hard-to-buy-for" business associates, family, and friends. They are completely silent providing a visually calming mood in your home and work atmosphere.
Live Butterfly Releases You can purchase live butterflies for release at special events in your life - like weddings! When you release butterflies on a special occasion, people associate the lovely butterflies with the significant event in their lives. This appreciation for butterflies may even initiate the interest of your guests in butterfly gardening, helping in efforts to preserve butterfly habitats, and potentially spark a new interest in and appreciation of butterflies.
Butterfly Feeders Butterfly feeders attract and feed numerous types of butterflies. They are easy to fill and clean, hold 6 ounces of nectar, have accommodations for fruit, and can be hung or post mounted. Butterfly feeders are more effective in a shady section of your garden. Includes butterfly nectar.
Butterfly Themed Decorative Mailboxes You WILL be the envy of your neighborhood with one of our handpainted butterfly mailboxes! Artist Sandra Davis hand paints each decorative mailbox with her unique butterfly and wisteria flower design.
The Nature Store Company The largest nature store on the internet! Our company has nature art and nature gifts! We carry everything from REAL tropical butterfly displays to butterfly rearing kits to jewelry - all perfect gifts for nature lovers. Shipping special of only $6.50 for your entire order.
Our Natural World Store Explore Our Natural World with these environmentally friendly gifts. Because we offer the BEST Prices, the BEST Customer Service and BEST Selection, we've been your online gift resource for over 10 Years.
Ant Farms 5 different Ant Farm styles to choose from. You can get your LIVE Western Harvester Ants sent with your farm. Fun and educational!
Nature Stores Live Kits LIVE kits including: butterfly kits, live ants, worm farming, hermit crabs, grow-a-frog kits and more.
Sea Monkeys and Triops Kits Wondering where you get sea monkeys or to find triops kits? Look no further - Buy sea monkeys and triops kits from our large selection! Sea Monkeys and triops are the most fun and easy pet you can imagine! Think they are just for kids? They are also perfect companions for dorm rooms, office desks, cubicles and more! Just add water to these Sea Monkey and Triopse kits and watch incredible little creatures hatch alive. Learn all about what is a sea monkey and what are triops. Or try our Aquasaurs kit with the underwater volcano scene - lots of fun aquatic creatures to observe!

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