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Butterfly Host Plants

Creating a butterfly garden should start with some serious research to learn which kinds of butterflies are native to your area. Knowing the TYPES of butterflies will help you determine the Butterfly Nectar Plants and Butterfly Host Plants you will want to plant when creating your butterfly garden. If you live in the United States, you can click on a state on the map below to view a list of butterflies found in that state. Below the map is a list of websites which will help you find adult butterflies found in other countries.

Butterflies Listed by State

Click on a state on the map below to view a list of butterflies found in that state.

Washington Oregon California Nevada Idaho Utah Arizona Montana New Mexico Colorado Wyoming Texas South Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma Minnesota Iowa Missouri Arkasas Oregon Illinois Indiana Kentucky Mississippi Tennessee Alabama Michigan Ohio New York Pennsylvania West Virginia Virginia New Jersey New Jersey North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida Vermont Vermont Maine Maine New Hampshire New Hampshire Massachusetts Massachusetts Connecticut Connecticut Rhode Island Rhode Island Delaware Maryland Maryland

Butterflies Found in Other Countries

Butterflies and Moths in the Netherlands
Lists and pictures of butterflies and moths they have encountered, studied and photographed so far in the Netherlands.
Butterflies and Moths of Belize These pages is part of a larger site on the biodiversity of Belize. The species lists provide a checklist to all butterflies (and some moth families) of Belize. Other pages give information on butterfly-plant relationships and general ecology.
Butterflies from France & French Guyana Identification of a large number of butterflies.
Butterfly Ireland The site contains distributions maps, photographs of butterflies, caterpillars and pupae for Ireland, together with news and information.
Butterfly Photography in Norway Photos of Norwegian butterflies in their natural surroundings. Scientifically classified.
Butterflies of Ireland This guide to the Butterflies of Ireland is divided into four family groups of butterflies containing brief details of all of the species of that group that are found in Ireland.
Butterflies of Poland Describes all butterfly species from Poland. Most species are illustrated by author and other people. Available in Polish and partially in English.
Butterflies of Serbia Full list of butterfly species living in Serbia, divided into families. 1 picture available for roughly 1/2 of species.
Butterfly Watching in Ontario Butterfly viewing locations to help butterfly watchers in Ontario.
Captain's European Butterfly Guide Destinations within Europe for seeing butterflies. Now including checklists for all European countries.
Derbyshire Butterflies

This site has been created to illustrate the wide diversity of butterfly species that can be found in the rolling hills of Derbyshire.

Matt's European Butterflies

Many European Butterflies are shown with a discussion and photographs of each species. Matt aims to show the beauty and variety and the depth of enjoyment from the challenges of finding, filming and identifying them

Moths and Butterflies of Europe

This website provides a gigantic collection of European moth, butterfly and caterpillar pictures as well as info on their foodplants, breeding, and life cycles. Sorted by scientific names. Highly recommended!

Butterflies in Sweeden Fantastic picture gallery of butterflies found in Sweeden. A must �see, just for the great photos.
Mexican Butterflies Website devoted entirely to Mexican butterflies. Huge list sorted by common names.
Butterflies of Canada Index of Canadian butterflies.
Butterflies of Indo-China A checklist of butterflies in Indo-China, chiefly from Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam.
Peter Eeles British Butterfly Website  An educational site containing
information and photos of all of British Butterflies.
Yale Peabody Museum: Entomology Entomology The Lepidoptera Listserver (LEPS-L).

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