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Butterfly Garden Articles

Attracting Butterflies to the Garden

Explore the steps involved in planning a butterfly garden. Lots of photos of butterflies at various stages of life. By Colorado State University.

The Butterfly Garden

A forum for the discussion of plants that both attract and provide habitat for butterflies.

Butterfly Gardening in Containers

Short article by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service.

Caterpillar Hostplant Database

Database provided by the London Natural History Museum.

Creating a Butterfly Garden

Garden layout, hostplants, and behavior to observe.

Clemson Butterfly Gardening

Outlines some simple steps to attract butterflies to your garden.

How to Make Butterfly Gardens

By the University of Kentucky. Lots of pictures and a list of butterfly nectar preferences and larval food plants.

MonarchWatch Host Plants

Chart of butterfly caterpillars and their preferred host plants.

MonarchWatch Nectar Sources

Chart of nectar sources to attract butterflies to your garden!

North & South Butterfly Gardening

Butterfly gardening information for 4 different regions in Canada including differences in recommended host plants by area.

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