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Shipping Information

For Pins and Supplies and Other Products

On-Line shipping charges for supplies and other products are only guesstimated and will be adjusted.
Additional charges will be added based on packaging, handling, weight and destination.
Some items have shipping and handling included in the price, and shipping and handling will be adjusted on invoice.

Shipping Information For Insect Specimens

Typically shipping and handling charges for shipments of insect specimens are $9.00 when mailed within the USA. From $60.00 to $150.00 for overseas clients depending on value and freight carrier.

Your order will be carefully packaged for safe transit shipped UPS or US Post Office Priority Airmail.

Shipping may also increase for very valuable species, registered mail and for quantity orders.

Please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery. (Canada and Overseas clients read below further shipping fees)

Export Fees For Overseas and Canadian Clients

The US Wildlife Department and International Law govern the export of all insect shipments. We must add a $95.00 fee to your order for the mandatory inspection and an export document. In addition, if your order contains Cites species a $150.00 fee must be added to your order for paperwork and for the required Cites permit. (Cites species are any Ornithoptera, Troides and Trogonoptera butterflies) There may be a delay of 3-4 weeks to obtain the Cites permit.

Tip: To defer these costs if you order frequently:

Upon your request we will accumulate your shipments. Your paid orders can be reserved indefinitely. When you request, we will consolidate all of your orders into one shipment. You can then pay a single fee of $95.00 for export. And a single $150.00 fee if Cites permit is needed.


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