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Hello and Welcome to Butterflies and Things ~

Constance Hurt, Founder

Hello and welcome to Butterflies And Things. My name is Connie Hurt and throughout the world I'm known as ‘The Butterfly Lady'. Since 1977 I have been a major supplier of tropical butterflies and insects for many clients including prestigeous museums, educators, photographers, crafters and private collectors around the world.

Over the years I’ve traveled extensively and I enjoy many facets of my career in this wonderful field of entomology. My most exciting memories ... hosting expeditions to the Amazon Jungle with family and clients and visiting Butterfly Farms and my network of exclusive professional suppliers around the world. Among my proudest achievements ... acting as advisor for a Butterfly Farm in Indonesia and consultant to similar breeding projects. And, I love appraising collections and assisting with the placement of them in important places like the Smithsonian Museum.

My own private collection is amazing! Over the years I've had opportunities to obtain the world's most desirable and some of the rarest specimens in the world. I've specialized in ‘Birdwing Butterflies and Gloss Swallowtails’ of Indonesia, and the most desirable Morpho's and Heliconius from South America. It gives me great pleasure to share some of my collection with you within the pages of this website. My personal goal is to provide you with the best service and best quality insects - because I want you to return to my site often and with excitement. Please enjoy it!

John Hurt, President of BCOA

John is an operations engineer for Cleveland's largest newspaper, The Plain Dealer. His hobbies include bicycle riding (long distance marathons) and hunting. When he married Connie in 2000 he knew very little about the insect world, however his involvement was almost instant after listening to a few bug stories at an exhibit nearly 12 years ago. Since then he shares a true passion with both admiration for his wife’s dedication to the insect world and for the business itself.

Aka The Bug Man around town, John captivates audiences of all ages showing off his own giant bug collection while telling wildly entertaining and educational stories about the funniest, noisiest, ugliest and world’s most amazing insects.

Joseph Sgro, Office Manager

Joe is the office manager and has kept the business sailing smoothly for years! He organizes the stock room and oversees the many thousands of insects to be identified, named and numbered and put in drawers - in fact he keeps the daily shipping department in check. But if you ask Connie she would tell you Joe's real talent is being a master in the art of spreading insects - positioning many thousands of them over the years! Joe can spread bugs in the standard flat positions for scientific collections or do 'specialty poses' for advertizing and photo props. He’s the man behind the majority of BFT’s gift items too.

As a young boy Joe became interested in butterflies and caught his fair share with a net made from mom's stockings and a coat hanger! In the early 80's he bought his first tropical butterfly from a shop in NYC. Then, in 1981 he met Connie and his butterfly hobby was set on fire! His collection has grown to be thousands of butterflies and moths displayed in over 100 cornell drawers!

James Maudsley, Research and Breeder

Dr. James Maudsley has been an associate working with Connie since the 1970's. Being an avid field collector and professional breeder, he supplies BFT with butterflies he collects and others he raises from Georgia and other Southern states. Through the years Dr. Maudsley has traveled extensively for Butterflies and Things, commissioned by Connie to collect specific species of Heliconius (his personal passion) and other very rare butterflies in South and Central American countries needed for scientific research and to enhanse private collections and public displays. In this photo Jim is holding a 'Morpho rhetenor' male from his expedition to French Guiana back in the late 80's. BTW, Chuck Ianni Jr. (at that time only 15 yrs old) was his apprentice on this trip.

Kudo’s to Dr. Maudsley! Jim was recently named Teacher of the Year at the Clarke County School District's nontraditional high school by The Georgia Association for Alternative Education.

Tracy Kelley, Videographer

In high school Tracy was the top student in TV and Radio Broadcasting winning several college level awards for Video Production for advertizing commercials. Her dream to be behind the camera began in Peru on the first Amazon Jungle Family Adventure in 1992 - morning, noon and even on exciting night-walks she took hundreds of still shots of natives, insects and adventures along the Amazon River. Returning to Peru a few years later she filmed hours of spectacular scenery along with animals and insects and memories still enjoyed today.

Now limited in time (becoming a mom to twin baby boys April 13 of 2012) she specilizes in children's photography and photographs insects on the side! Tracy is Connie’s only daughter and wife to Larry (also shown in photo) who is among Connie's best customers with one of the largest butterfly collections in the world.

Hannah Powell, Naturalist

Hannah is a little treasure we discovered locally. She is from Spencer, our hometown. We needed another pair of hands to spread butterflies and after a short session with me, and a butterfly workshop with Joseph, Hannah began spreading butterflies and insects instantly and her work is as professional as a highly skilled entomologist! She has a natural talent and flair to pose them not only in the classic scientific stance but also in fun and fancy poses. She brings some new ideas to the table and just recently helped to creat our new line of Butterfly Kits (and she even designed the cover.)

Going into her 2nd year of college this fall she hopes to land a job related to Biology, animals and insects and plant management.

Our History

Butterflies And Things has a solid foundation serving customers since 1977. It was created to supply hobbyists and collectors, photographers, artisans, scientists, researches, educational institutions and public butterfly houses with the most desirable insects from around the world.

Being a leader in the field is important to Butterflies And Things. From the beginning we were, and still are, committed to building quality long term relationships with our clients. Even in today’s economy we continue to steadily grow and are proud to be the best online source for butterflies and insects in the USA! We believe that our success is the result of the care and dedication we put into helping our customers acquire the world’s most amazing butterflies and insects for their collections and gift items that will last a life time.

Our goal... to stimulate your imagination and to arouse your curiosity about the fascinating world of butterflies and insects. We hope that you will start your own collection and continue to visit our web site for years to come!



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